Send WhatsApp messages to unsaved contacts

Open a chat directly on WhatsApp by entering a phone number below:


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Are you aware that WhatsApp lets you begin conversations without adding contacts?

If you've adjusted your privacy settings and don't want to display your profile picture or status to people who aren't on your contact list but still want to keep this intact, then WhatsDireto can be a handy tool!

Just input the phone number of the person you want to chat with and hit "Open WhatsApp". A new window will pop up, allowing you to kickstart the conversation swiftly!

  • If you're using your smartphone, the chat window with the person will automatically open.
  • If you're using a computer, simply install the WhatsApp desktop app, and it will open on its own!

One of the world's most popular instant messaging platforms

WhatsApp swiftly earned the title of the go-to online communication tool in many countries, a role once held by MSN Messenger. Without a doubt, WhatsApp is considered the "official" messaging app in numerous parts of the globe. Thousands of businesses, regardless of their size or industry, rely on it daily for swift and efficient communication with their clientele.

The potential for success for those businesses adopting this tool, as well as for users, is substantial. Furthermore, there's the "WhatsApp Business" app, designed specifically for businesses, enabling simplified management of messages and customer contacts.

Another noteworthy feature of WhatsApp, demonstrating the robustness of the platform, is its capability to process payments. Many banks around the world have already embraced this payment method. Given the immense user base, it's merely a matter of time until WhatsApp evolves into an even more comprehensive platform. Not solely for communication and payments, but possibly offering a broader array of features in the near future.

WhatsDireto is a free tool, and we operate entirely independently of WhatsApp, with no access to your devices.

WhatsDireto.com is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. You only need a web browser and the WhatsApp app installed.

The objective of WhatsDireto.com is to simplify people's lives! 😃

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